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Reporting a sick or injured dog or an emergency to Noah’s A.R.C.: The rescue phone will be manned 24/7. There may be times when it may be impossible to take a call so please either leave a text message or preferably call back. In the case of an out of hours emergency please call Happy Pets on 696 855 567


Small Dogs - available for Adoption

We have many dogs available for adoption, all eagerly awaiting their forever home. Please take some time to look at the photos and stories as every dog has it's own profile.

If you are interested in any of our dogs please email to: info@noahsarcmurcia.com for further details.


Please note that any potential home will be subject to a home check.

Thank you.


Here is Bobby who was picked up by a local resident on Sector A found wandering around the campo. The person who caught him has been nursing this wee one with a poor skin condition back to good health. He was very thin too. 

Bobby was in a terrible state of health when rescued  (September 2017). After a lot of medication and care he is now enjoying life again.

He is a small (8.5 k) Bodegeuro (Jack Russell type breed) with Tricolour markings. Due to damage to his front teeth his age is difficult to estimate but our vets believe that is is between 5 & 7 years old.

He is a very friendly, clean and a loving dog. He loves human contact and gets on well with all other dogs. He thoroughly enjoys his walks and is no problem on the lead. Loves to be cuddled and enjoys his home comforts. He is fully house trained too.


He has now become a very happy and playful boy who will make someone a very obediant and loving companion.


Corrie was found on Mazarron Country Club having been shot, he has been to the vets and is now in foster and is a happy little chap, fine with some other dogs but is not good with cats.


Corrie has a lot of the traits of a Maneto Podenco, he is stubborn, (has selective deafness!!) and loyal. He is fine 90% of the time but can turn snappy for no reason, not bitten but will snap with teeth bared, so will not be going to a home where there are children. We have no idea what the trigger is, he can be playing happily and suddenly he will turn snappy at the dog he is playing with or other dogs in the vicinity.


If you feel you can help by either fostering or adopting Corrie we would advise no other dogs and he is not good with cats.

Type: Traits of a Maneto Podenco

Date of birth: June 2013

Treatments: None


Meet Mesi the new kid on the block! He is two and a half years old and now unwanted. Mesi is a sweet little boy and great with other dogs and he passed his cat test with flying colours. He will be neutered and fully vaccinated. Call 699352818 if you would like to offer him a home.