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Reporting a sick or injured dog or an emergency to Noah’s A.R.C.: The rescue phone will be manned 24/7. There may be times when it may be impossible to take a call so please either leave a text message or preferably call back. In the case of an out of hours emergency please call Happy Pets on 696 855 567


Girls - available for Adoption

We have many dogs available for adoption, all eagerly awaiting their forever home. Please take some time to look at the photos and stories as every dog has it's own profile.

If you are interested in any of our dogs please email to: info@noahsarcmurcia.com for further details.


Please note that any potential home will be subject to a home check.

Thank you.


Baylee came into Noah's ARC after being dumped in the bin on Mazarron Country Club as a puppy.

She was homed to a couple in a home with another dog (Spot - also available for adoption). The couple have since returned to the UK and returned both dogs to Noah's ARC.

Baylee will be two years old in May 2018 and she is good with other dogs.

Her next home has to be her forever home - we don't want her let down again as she deserves so much more.


Bella was found on Camposol B Sector but was frightened of her own shadow and afraid to come too close. Linzi & Cliff, kindly local people, had been feeding her and making sure she was OK. Her carer Mikey left her food and water too and returned to see if she was still there. She remembered his kindness and came straight to him.

She is now in kennels with Mikey and has had her first evening meal. She has also been tic and flea treated.

We will update on Bella over the next few days as she settles – she is currenly unsure, nervous and slowly feeling her way. Mikey already has a nice clean bath on the list of to do’s when she finds her paws. Well Bella does mean beautiful afterall so she needs to live up to her name.

We will update more and we learn more about her.


Blanca is mix (Bull Terrier x) girl, affectionate towards humans, but also very independant. She is active, fun, pretty, cute and very clever!

She was already in boarding kennels for a few years before she was moved to our kennels and her forever home is well and truly long overdue!

She is lively and playful and is very fond of balls and ball games. She will never tire of having the ball thrown for her so be prepared to entertain her! Her ball is her most treasured and favourite thing and she loves to run.

She is used to walking on the lead, but can pull a little so this may need to be worked on. Blanca will also need a home who can give her plenty of walks and outdoor exercise. She greets dogs outside well but we feel she would be better suited to a home without other dogs and a home without young children as she is excitable. She also travels well in the car.

A secure home would be ideal as Blanca can be an escape artist!

Type: Bull Terrier Cross - 30 cm

Date of birth: 10/05/2007

Rescue Date: 2014

Treatments: None - Blanca is in good health


Deli and her brother Dom are sister and brother and were both abandoned in the rambler on Camposol. They are a lovely placid pair, happy and playful. Dom has found his forever home and Deli is still available for adoption and waiting for hers!


She is a friendly girl and OK with other dogs.


Breed: Crossbreeds

Height: 40 (cm)

Weight: 20+ (kg)

Date of birth: 2014-01-01

Rescue date: 2014-05-01

Treatments: Deli has low level leishmania and has tablets for one week every month - they are inexpensive to buy. Otherwise she is in good health.


If you are interested in offering Deli a forever home please email for further details: info.noahsarc@gmail.com


Greyhound Cross very lively, friendly, cheeky girl. Faith is a lovely girl but a bit timid still with humans, she is a bit of a loner and a free spirit. Faith is good to travel with, good with dogs and ok with children and cats.


Type: Greyhound Cross (55 cm)

Date of birth: 2010-02-01

Rescue date: 2010-09-01

Treatments: Taking medicine for Leishmania.


Georgie Milly was surrender to us at our vets by her owner and we took her as she was at risk of being put to sleep. She is around 10 months old and was not micro-chipped and had not had her rabies & booster shots. Our vets will take care of that and she will be spayed when she has settled.


It was quite clear when we took her to boarding kennels that she had not been socialised with other dogs and she found it very overwhelming. She was great with people, shy but loving and scared of other dogs. We took her to a quieter kennels and this is the update we received:


"Georgie has changed so much this week since you dropped her off here. The next day she had become a wary friend of Matrix and Didi, but by the Monday she was good friends with everyone... Now she's loving playing with everyone and us, she's so friendly and happy all the time, she is just an adorable girl"! Georgie Milly is settling well and coming on in leaps and bounds. 


Julietta and her Mastin friend were rescued from a pipe by Save A Mastin. The Mastin had a chain embedded in his neck and the Julietta had a trap attached to her hind leg. Save A Mastin had no place for them to go to heal and they need to learn to trust humans again. We believe that the Mastin had been on a chain since it was 3-4 months old. Not only had he been chained but he had also been beaten regularly drawing blood as reported by a neighbour. The trap had been on Julietta's leg for some considerable time.


Both dogs had therapy, veterinary treatment & care and nursing foster care. Save a Mastine provided their veterinary care and Noah's ARC pay for their continued kennelling. Sadly Julietta's leg could not be saved and the decision was made early on to remove the back leg. She recovered well and has continued to blossom in foster kennels. She gets around well and it has not slowed her down. She is a small medium sized dog.

Julietta is more that ready for her forever home and her chance to be treated as a much loved pet. 





Lady was found tied to a fence and just left in the sun and heat to die! What a dreadful thing to do to a five week old puppy!


 Luckily she found her bark and was discovered by a couple who gave her a well deserved rest and some TLC for a few days.

Lady was then checked over by our vets, spayed and went into kennels while she waits for a home.

We cannot be sure of Lady's breed, but believe she will be a big dog and has Mastin in her. She is coming on leaps and bounds and turning into a very beautiful pupster.


Kisme was found with her siblings and their mum Katy (who has happily just found a loving home April 2016) in an abandoned farmhouse by 2 of our kind volunteers.

Unfortunately she is still with us but we cannot understand why as she loves to please, is loving and would be your forever friend.

Date of Birth: April 2014

Health: She is in good health, spayed and up to date with her vaccinations and passport.





Layla was found on the steps of the Bodega on A Sector, Camposol. She was taken straight to our vets, in fact she was carried in. She had not long had pups, had blood on her, tics, fleas, clumps of fur missing, sores all over her and was weeping from her back end! A very sorry state for such a majestic dog. We checked for her puppies locally, but none were found.

Layla is between 5-7 years old. She has been tic, flea and worm treated and had a course of antibiotics to help her recovery.

She went into kennels to recover. She greets her carer with a wagging tail at feeding time and she likes her food. She loves a cuddle and has responded very well to all the TLC she has had. She is now looking for a quiet home.

Video above - Layla getting slowly used to walking on a lead:

Health: Layla has recovered and is now fit and well. She is ready for her home.

She will be spayed prior to adoption – no more a puppy machine!

If you are able to consider offering Layla a forever home please get in touch via email to info.noahsarc@gmail.com

Any potential home would be subject to home check prior to adoption.



Sadly Luca's owner has been poorly and due to his ill health he is no longer able to look after her and has asked us to find her a new home.


Luca is a 2 year old Mastin cross and her owner found her as a puppy outside his neighbours gate and took her in. She is a good girl and protective of her home if you are outside, but once inside she is a friendly girl and very affectionate. She loves a walk, is good off lead and has good recall too.


We will arrange for Luca to be spayed prior to adoption.


Missy was Shylo’s sibling – she has a beautiful rich sable coat and lovely markings.

She loves to play, is obedient off lead and even comes to call! Her favourite game is that she just loves to play with a ball and brings it back to you for more!

Missy is good with other dogs and she travels well in the car too!

Type: German Shepherd cross
Date of birth: April 2012
Treatments: None – Missy is in good health.


Molly is about 7 months and small mixed breed girl. This very sweet girl was found with another dog called Masie who may have been her mummy, but we are not sure. Molly is a lovely little girl but very timid. We are not sure what has happened to her in the past but she is very scared.


Molly's ideal home would be with another dog so she can gain confidence from them. Her sister Maisie who she came into rescue with is very confident and they could be homed together.


Molly has a lovely gentle nature but will need a quiet experienced home with another dog, She is very young and still a baby so in the right home she will thrive and come out out of her shell. She is only small and could possibly have dachshund in her you can see how she loves her little friend.


Molly is spayed, fully vaccinated and has her own pet passport. 


Nadia was found abandoned in a shepherd’s shed without food and water. She has had very little interaction with people and only knew her life with the sheep. Everything in the rescue world was new and scary to her. She has a beautiful thick apricot coat and dark muzzle (clipped for the summer weather). She is still learning to trust and would need a patient and caring home who will give her the space and time for her to come out of her shell and settle. The reward to that home would be to see her personality unfold and shine given time. Nadia’s dream home would be somewhere with a large garden and at least one other dog to play with and keep her company. Nadia is currently living in boarding kennels while she waits patiently for that special home to spot her.


Type: Spanish Sheep herding
Date of birth: July 2006
Treatments: None – Nadia is in good health

UPDATE Oct 2016: We have to report that Nadia was diagnosed with glaucoma in one of her eyes. The pressure in her eye from this would cause not only blindness but a great deal of pain as well. Therefore she had to undergo an operation to remove her eye. Sad news, but unpreventable. We believe she is recovering well. 


Meet Petra the Podenco!

Petra is a shy girl, but is slowly coming out of her shell. She is good with other dogs. More details coming soon.


Purdie is our resident flirt. She gets on really well with the boys! She shares her kennel with a male dog called Abs and they love to play together.


Purdie also adores people and she is very loving and affectionate. She will readily offer her tummy for tickles if there is an opportunity for a fuss! She walks well on the lead and travels well in the car.


Purdie's recall will need work. She enjoys her walks off lead and if there is something really interesting she will go off to investigate . . . it would be rude not to! She will always come back, but in her own time. Purdie has manners too. She will of course apologise for keeping you waiting and be pleased to see you!


Type: Spanish Mastine cross

Date of birth: July 2008

Treatments: None


Roma was a farmer's dog. She had been chained up all her life and had puppies twice a year. The farmer didn't want her anymore. She came to us and was adopted, sadly this didn't work out as Roma kept escaping.


She needs a loving home with a secure garden. Roma loves her walks and is very gentle on a lead.


She is in good health.






Meet Willow! Someone asked a friend of one of our kennel managers whether they wanted a dog and they sadly said no. Then our kennel manager found Willow had been dumped in Corvera village and she was hanging around a bar. It wasn't safe to leave her their by the road side so he had no choice but to take her home with him.


Willow is around 10 months old and very friendly. She gets on well with the kennel manager's 7 dogs and is fine with his cats. She has been checked over by a vet and will be spayed prior to adoption.

Other Dogs

The following dogs are not Noahs Arc dogs but they need a home too.


Lulu is 6 years old, She was dumped at her current owners gate along with her siblings. She needs a family who can give her one to one, Since a new dog, Amber, arrived Lulu is being pushed out and bullied by her and she is quite depressed. Amber & George (one of the other dogs) are like an old married couple so her owner feels that it would be better if Lulu could go to another home where she can relax and be happy.

Lulu is currently homed in the Granada area. If you are interested in offering her a home please get in touch via email to info.noahsarc@gmail.com.


Tammy, sister to Timber.

A good boundary fence or wall needed to keep her from roaming.

Alsatian mastin cross, born February 2015, vaccinated and neutered. Lovely girl, again used to quiet life as always lived in the campo, so quite timid with new people and not good on a lead. Used to living outside and would benefit from a home with some land and another dog or two for company...

Contact Lin on 634325840