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Reporting a sick or injured dog or an emergency to Noah’s A.R.C.: The rescue phone will be manned 24/7. There may be times when it may be impossible to take a call so please either leave a text message or preferably call back. In the case of an out of hours emergency please call Happy Pets on 696 855 567


Welcome To Our Adoption page

We have many dogs available for adoption, all eagerly awaiting their forever homes. 


Please CLICK on the photos below to view each category - Boys, Girls & Puppies.

Every dog profile has it's own story & photos

If you are interested in any of our dogs please email to: info@noahsarcmurcia.com for further details.


Please note that any potential home will be subject to a home check.

Thank you.



Dolly our little pointer girl is a surrogate mum. She turned up at one of our fosterer's home completely exhausted and full of milk. Many attempts were made to find her puppies to no avail . There was a plea from another rescue to help with newborn pups that had been dumped. They were bought to us and Dolly took to them like a duck to water. She is a real sweetheart and such a good mum. She will be looking for her very own forever home once the pups are weaned. She will also be spayed ready for her forever sofa.

Such a sweet natured girl.


Lottie was extremely frightened and was found as a stray on Mazarron County Club. She is now safely in foster with Howard & Sandra.


She is approximately two years old.  She has been checked by our vets and it is believed that she has been on the receiving end of “a good kicking” as her scan revealed signs of an old fracture. She will have another scan and check over in two week time and will then be vaccinated and spayed.


So for now Lottie needs time to come out of her shell and learn to trust. She likes Sandra, her fosterer, but is still very unsure of Howard bless her. Sandra meanwhile has managed to get her on a lead and she is making slow progress.


Lottie is still under assessment but is available for adoption.



This is Frank. He came into rescue this week due to his previous owners change of circumstances and through absolutely no fault of his own.

Frank has lived with other dogs and cats before and will be 2 years old in October (2016). For his age he is relatively calm and has a sweet and gentle nature and a lovely character. He is well known to his fosterer who will care for Frank until his forever home is found.

Frank could live as an only dog or with another dog. We would re-cat test if he was to go to a home with cats. Frank would like an active home and a large garden to play in



This little Spaniel Cross boy was found by one of our volunteers in Totana. He was sitting waiting outside a shop. The following day he was still there .... waiting. Two days patiently waiting for who to return?

He has been taken to our vets to be checked over and he is not micro-chipped. He is approximately 18 months old and quite skinny, but otherwise in fairly good condition. If no-one comes forward for him he will be neutered and available for adoption.

He has gone into foster kennels and we will update with further details shortly as he is still under assessment. He will be available to foster and would welcome the comforts of a home environment if you are able to help him in this way.



Lucy was found wandering around on Mazarron Country Club. We say wandering, but we are surprised she could get around at all because she had the longest curled claws we have ever seen on a dog! Walking must have been so very painful for her! Although overweight and very obviously over bred from, her body is also covered in little sores and skin is quite red.

Two kind people gave her food and meds. She then went in to our vets and after being checked over was put on a course of antibiotics. Our vets said "she looks old, but she is not as old as she looks"! This young dog has had a hard life up to now and it shows .... we need to change that!

She will never be bred from again, she will be spayed prior to adoption and become a much loved pet. Lucy is also highly sociable and happy in the company of other dogs.


UPDATE. Lucy is now in foster kennels and some our team went to see her this week (4/10/16) and this what they said about her " Lucy has to be the happiest, smiliest normal down to earth dog going! Don't miss out on this well grounded "fits every home" type of dog. She is a breeze! ".



This handsome boy is Duke! He is a nice friendly dog and has a very good nature. He absolutely loves a cuddle, but isn’t needy and will quite happily entertain himself. He is also house trained and can be left without destruction. He walks well on the lead and has good recall most of the time!

Duke is a big dog and can be a little bit clumsy so would be better suited in an adult home or a home with children that are slightly older. Duke is a good "all rounder" and what we would call an ideal family pet. He also has a big bark to keep burglars away ;)

Breed: Large Crossbreed
Health: Duke has been neutered, is fully vaccinated and is ready to go to his home. He is in good health.



This is Buddy! He is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. His owners circumstances have changed and rehoming him is a very difficult decision indeed - they love him to bits. They will continue look after him until his forever home is found.

Buddy was found outside the barbers! He is just 9 months old and full of Fun with a capital "F"!

He loves everyone and every dog he meets - they are all his friends! Buddy will make a fantastic family dog.

Buddy has been neutered and is house trained.



Trixie wanted to be rescued!


She just arrived outside someone's home and hung around with their dogs. She joined their walks and got on well with their dogs, but they couldn't take in another one so they found her a rescue place.

Trixie is a pretty lurcher cross with a shaggy and unusually blended coat. A very attractive dog and a one off. She has been in the kennels managers property and slept along side the bed. She gets on very well with other dogs and cats and is house trained. We believe she was originally with an English family as she knows 'sit' & how to give 'paw'.

Trixie is only a young dog and is large medium in size. She has been spayed and is ready for her forever home...



Meet Alicia and Scout! You may have been following their story ...


Scout and his girlfriend Alicia were dumped by their owners on Camposol and they watched them drive away! There were various sightings and then they were not seen for quite some days. We finally caught up with them! They are now safe with Noah's ARC and in foster with Mikey while we look for a home.

We think you will agree that they are an adorable pair, just too cute.

They are approximately 18 months, in good health, neutered and up to date with vaccinations..



This is Kiara!

She was wandering around Condado near Alhama in Murcia and was under the wing of Barbara and Caroline of Condado's Pets.

She has now gone into foster at Alison & Becky's kennels. She met several dogs today and was a very good girl - just gentle and wanting so much to play. At the kennels she will be able to play with Franco & Fletcher, two Noah's ARC rescue dogs so she will be in good company.


Kiara has been spayed and any potential home will be subject to home check prior to adoption.


Harry Houdini is about 18 months old and was found on Camposol A Sector a few weeks ago. We thought perhaps he belonged to someone and had escaped a garden hence the name we gave him. Sadly no-one has stepped up to claim him and he was not micro-chipped! He has since been neutered.

Harry is now in a foster home and doing well. He loves a cuddle, but is a bit of a free spirit and likes to potter about and see whats going on around him - he likes to watch the world go by. He is a pretty little dog and full of character. For those that like that he will bring a constant smile to your face and be a never ending source of amusement. He is a cheeky little chappie!



Nora is a mixed breed with Podenco ears and a Galgo figure in the mix. She is around 10 months old. She came into rescue with her brother as a puppy and has been living in a home since February. She is being left outside in the garden when her current owners go out and she likes to dig and re-arrange the plants which they cannot cope with so finds herself up for adoption!


She loves both people and dogs and mixes well. She greets visitors enthusiastically and then calms down nicely. She also enjoys playing with visiting dogs, running fast and playing with her ball. She sleeps in her basket in the house at night and settles well. She travels well in the car, enjoys being brushed and loves a cuddle. In fact, she is a real little poppet and has done well for her 10 short months!


At just 10 months old Nora is still a puppy at heart and we are looking for a companionship and active home for her with boundaries. A home that can give her a bit more training and work with the many skills she already has.


Weight: 14.5 kgs Breed: Mixed Breed Health: Nora is in good health. She has been vaccinated, flea & wormed treated by her home and will be spayed prior to homing.


Bella was found on Camposol B Sector but was frightened of her own shadow and afraid to come too close. Linzi & Cliff, kindly local people, had been feeding her and making sure she was OK. Her fosterer Mikey left her food and water too and returned to see if she was still there. She remembered his kindness and came straight to him.

She is now in foster with Mikey and has had her first evening meal. She has also been tic and flea treated.

We will update on Bella over the next few days as she settles – she is currenly unsure, nervous and slowly feeling her way. Mikey already has a nice clean bath on the list of to do’s when she finds her paws. Well Bella does mean beautiful afterall so she needs to live up to her name.

We will update more and we learn more about her.

If you are interested in offering Bella a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com


Ludo came to the refuge a couple of weeks after his siblings had been bought in. He was only 8 weeks old when he was found at the side of the road. He is a happy go lucky boy who has bags of energy and can get very excited when he sees you. This boy has so much love to give to a special person who would like a lively boy in their lives. He is good with dogs and cats and to travel with.

Type: Labrador
Date of birth: November 2012
Rescue date: January 2013


Rascal is a large male blonde & grey Labrador. His owner died and Rascal was by his side for about 5 days before anyone discovered them. He is our loyal elderly gent who is looking for a kind and relaxing retirement home! His idea of heaven is a home where he can sleep near to his owners or even better ..... on the bed! He will re-arrange the bedding until it is just so and suck on his blanket! He is a loving, caring kinda guy and he loves a fuss! 


He loves to potter around in the local field, but doesn’t like his collar pulled and he is very strong on the lead. That aside he reacts well to commands and has good recall so off lead is not a problem.


Rascal will sing for his supper when he thinks its tea time – he has his own internal alarm clock when it comes to food and it’s usually accurate! He is food possessive so needs to be managed by feeding him on his own.


Rascal is indeed a rascal when it comes to cats so he needs a home without felines! He would also suit a home as an only dog or living with another dog of a similar size – small dogs are not really his thing either. If you are interested in offering home please email for further details:  info@noahsarcmurcia.com


Roma was a farmer's dog. She had been chained up all her life and had puppies twice a year. The farmer didn't want her anymore. She came to us and was adopted, sadly this didn't work out as Roma kept escaping.


She needs a loving home with a secure garden. Roma loves her walks and is very gentle on a lead.


She is in good health.





Boy came into rescue as a 6 week old pup. Sadly there are always so many puppies looking for homes and Boy missed his chance, grew into an adult and has spent all his life waiting for a second chance and a lucky break.

Boy has grown into a very handsome and well grounded dog indeed.


Boy has a lovely personality and his outstanding quality is his truly wonderful nature – we can’t fault it!

Boy would like a chance to prove himself in a home – that’s all he asks.


Type: Mixed Breed (cm)

Date of birth: October 2009

Rescue date: November 2009

Treatments: Taking medicine for leishmania


Blitz was brought into the refuge, along with her mother Essen, just four days before Christmas in December 2012.


Her mother found a home and shortly afterwards Blitz did too. She was adopted with two male dogs, but was suddenly returned to the refuge unwanted again. The reason given was that it did not work out between her and the two males. We can only guess the true reason why, but sadly this dear and social girl had completely turned into a frightened and timid dog. Not at all the dog we had initially homed.


It took quite some time for Blitz’s confidence and trust in people to be restored and she is still very wary of people.

Deli and Dom, brother and sister, abandoned in the rambla at Camposol. Lovely placid pair, very friendly, happy and playful. Will be an asset to any family, great with young children. (Dom is the one with white paws. Ok with other dogs.

Type: Crossbreeds

Height: 40 (cm)

Weight: 20+ (kg)

Date of birth: 2014-01-01

Rescue date: 2014-05-01

Treatments: Deli has leishmania under control with medication and Dom's rickettsia is controlled by medication.

Fletcher is Spanish sheepdog cross. He was abandoned as a puppy with his siblings Franco, Ferris, Missy and Milly.

Height: 50 (cm)

Date of birth: 24/06/2013

Rescue date: 2013-10-01

Treatments: None



Candy is one of Angel’s daughters and the sister of Holly and Pine. Candy has always been a little bit different from her two sisters. Calmer, but sometimes a just a little bit naughtier! In the beginning she was more dominant, but they all changed over time. She is now very calm and appears quiet.

She is currently sharing a kennel with Fabio. Fabio is an Alpha male and this is what Candy needs. 


Candy is a real sweetheart with people. Sometimes a little reluctant and shy, but this quickly disappears and she adapts quickly. Candy likes to go out walking, is good with kids, but has not been tested with cats.


Type: German Shepherd cross
Rescue date: 12/12/13
Date of birth: 6/12/13


Treatments: None - Candy is in good health


If you are interested in offering Candy a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com


Corrie was found on Mazarron Country Club having been shot, he has been to the vets and is now in foster and is a happy little chap, fine with some other dogs but is not good with cats.


Corrie has a lot of the traits of a Maneto Podenco, he is stubborn, (has selective deafness!!) and loyal. He is fine 90% of the time but can turn snappy for no reason, not bitten but will snap with teeth bared, so will not be going to a home where there are children. We have no idea what the trigger is, he can be playing happily and suddenly he will turn snappy at the dog he is playing with or other dogs in the vicinity.


If you feel you can help by either fostering or adopting Corrie we would advise no other dogs and he is not good with cats.

Type: Traits of a Maneto Podenco (cm)

Date of birth: 2013-06-

Treatments: None


Fabio is real character – a young playful Alfa male! He was a stray and being fed by a volunteer, but was getting up to all sorts of mischief and was at risk of being run over so was brought to the refuge for his own safety.


He is generally fine with female dogs and has lived in a kennel with other dogs, but has sometimes cause problems with males males he is dominant.

This beauty has never been in a house and still has some things to learn, but he is highly intelligent and picks things up quickly.... he is very smart!

Fabio is a stunning young dog, very affectionate towards people, good with children and as you would suspect not good with cats! He loves his walks.


Fabio is a cross Galgo / Labrador and is Leishmania positive


Pebbles was brought in by our rescue officer, found on Mazarron Country Club. Was so desperate that she has eaten stones. So Pebbles had to stay overnight at the vets to make sure that she was ok and the stones were removed.

Medium sized doggie, a podenco mix girl, approx. 2 years old, probably chained up before she was found. Very affectionate towards humans.

Update...Pebbles has had an operation on her tendons in one of her legs. She is now in temporary foster care recovering but sadly is has come to light that she is deaf. The vet suspects that at some point she has suffered a head trauma which may have caused her deafness and one of her eyes is also affected causing reduced vision and sensitivity.

This loving girl needs an understanding home with a doggy companion.

PEBBLES (special needs)

Buster is vaccinated & microchipped. He is brilliant with children and that's how we caught him - he was playing with 3 lads. Buster is in excellent/athletic condition. He is brilliant/very friendly, responds to commands and has no aggression towards other dogs and people. He walks well on the lead but will run off when lead is off, comes back on recall. Because Buster is very active he needs to come to a young family because he needs lots of stimulation. He is not cat friendly, but he is a very loving happy chap.


Type: Labrador cross (72 cm)

Weight: 28 (kg)

Date of birth: 15/01/2013

Rescue date: 2015-02-21

Treatments: None


Jasper was found with his brother Matrix on Camposol. He is more outgoing than his brother but has settled in well with his brother in the pen together with 3 girls. They all get along and play just fine with each other.

Jasper can be strong minded and quite jumpy when you first meet him but does settle down quickly. He loves his fusses and cuddles like most dogs and really looks forward to his food. He is still not keen on a lead at the moment and can get a bit stressed, off lead he enjoys running around free. He listens when called and will be a lovely pet to someone. He is good with other dogs and cats and he is easy to travel with.


Greyhound Cross very lively, friendly, cheeky girl. Faith is a lovely girl but a bit timid still with humans, she is a bit of a loner and a free spirit. Faith is good to travel with, good with dogs and ok with children and cats.


Type: Greyhound Cross (55 cm)

Date of birth: 2010-02-01

Rescue date: 2010-09-01

Treatments: Taking medicine for leishmania

This is Syd, picked up off the side of the road by one of our volunteers in September 2013, he was extremely thirsty and drank a litre of water, also thin had a nasty wound on his back leg and was taken to the vets who operated and cut away a lot of dead skin and fixed him up, sadly enough Syd is diagnosed with leishmania. He is on medication and is doing very well, loves to run, and play. So a family who loves to play with him and go on long walks would be ideal for this gorgeous boy.

Syd gets on with any other dogs and has a good recall. He loves all the attention and enjoys the cuddles that he gets. He is a very good natured dog.

Type: Mixed Pointer (?) Breed (cm)

Date of birth: February 2012

Rescue date: 2013-09-01


Gaby is a gentle natured girl who shies away from strong minded dogs, but loves to play when given the chance and always welcomes you with a waggly tail. Get's on well with adults, children and cats. Good to travel with.


Type: German Shepherd cross (cm)

Date of birth: June 2012

Rescue date:

Treatments: None


Max likes people and girl dogs. He has shared a kennel with a girlie doggie which he loved! He is good on lead and walks nicely. He is also good off lead and comes back when called. He travels well in the car too!

Max tested positive for leishmania but is on 2 tablets a day and is stable. Otherwise his health is good. Max much prefers to company of lady doggies and likes to keep them to himself so would prefer a home without another male dog.

Type: Spanish Mastine
Date of birth: 2009-10-01
Treatments: Taking medicine for leishmania, but otherwise in good health


Little Cilla, a sweet young poppet GSD was rescued on the 11th June, 2016. She was left tied to some railings and left in the sun. Luckily she was found by a kind soul who looked after her for the night until she was collected.

She is approximately 6 months old and will then go into foster with Mikey Moo until her forever home is found.

If you are interested in offering Cilla a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com

Matrix was found with his brother Jasper on a local urbanization. He is a little shy and needs a little more time than his brother, but once he is used to you he relaxes and settles. With a little time spent getting to know you he will make a very fine companion and special friend.

He interacts with other dogs well and used to share his kennel with a female. He loved to ‘play boss’ with his girlfriend, but she is never really that impressed, but he is happy!

He is currently in foster and enjoys going in to see the puppies every morning before he has his brekkie. He enjoys playing with them and is oh so very gentle with them all.

Matrix can be quite shy when you put his lead on for a walk and he needs more time than Jasper. But if you let him run loose, he trots around exploring and will soon calm down.

Matrix likes to be around you and watches everything you do with great interest – always keeping you in sight.


Monty was found as a stray on Mazarron Country Club. He still had a chain around his neck and a wire collar embedded in his neck. A visit to our vets and a full MOT and Monty is as good as new and ready for his forever home!


Monty is a very loving boy and seeks out affection. He is extremely obedient and trots back to his kennel when he is called - he is happy to oblige! Monty is shy of a collar and lead which we think is understandable and stems from his past and time spent on a chain. He would probably be much happier on a harness. We would love Monty to go to a home with space for him to amble around to his hearts content and enjoy his freedom.


Type: Spanish Mastine (cm)

Date of birth: October 2011

Rescue date:

Treatments: None


Introducing Tamla our little Black & Tan girlie - her name means Jewel and for sure she is a little gem! A couple found her in their garden one day. They took her to the Noah’s ARC Camposol shop and decided to try them with their other dogs and see how they got on. Tamla is just two years old and their other dogs are 8 & 10 and she proved too lively for them. They wanted a quiet life and she wasn’t ready to retire so into rescue she came!

She is a little confused by her predicament, all the changes over the last few weeks and has gone into foster. Her fosterer will give her time to settle and introduce her to a few play mates to keep her company while she waits for her forever home. One thing she is already enjoying .... she loves a foster daddy cuddle


Monty had been hangin hanging around Mazarron Country Club for a few days. He eventually decided to follow a lady and her dog home and went into her garden. she managed to gain his trust.


He is a cheeky chappie, who play well with other dogs and loves a cuddle in the evening.


Monty is now in foster and would love a forever home..

Our little Min Pin Mummy Peppa gave birth at the beginning of April to 9 puppies - 7 boys and 2 girls. She was an absolutely fabulous mum. How anyone could have dumped her just as she was about to give birth is beyond us all. Now it is her time to shine! So we are looking for a very nice home for this special little lady.

This little girl loves a cuddle. She is quiet and a little shy when out and about, but we are sure she will find her paws and settle nicely once she has a home of her own.

Peppa is full size and no more than a year old.



Was brought to Camposol by an family and were seen trying to find somewhere to tie him up and leave him. A member of the public called Noah's ARC and after talking to the owner they said they couldn't keep him because he was too lively for their small child. We agreed to take him before they abandoned him again maybe somewhere not so safe. Nano has been in foster now for some time and really needs a home of his own, he is quite a dominant boy with other dogs, he is very loving with people.

Type: Shar pei cross

Date of birth: 06 Jan 2014

Rescue date:

Treatments: None

This is Milly who was fostered by Chris and Linda with her brothers & sisters but is now at the refuge in Leiva. Milly has a strong character and likes to think she's in charge but this is usually a front. Milly loves to chase after balls and welcomes a fuss from anyone as she adores her cuddles. She is ok with cats and is good to travel with.

Type: Rough coat mixed breed
Height: 50 (cm)
Date of birth: 24/06/2013
Rescue date: 01/10/2013
Treatments: None – Milly is in good health

If you are interested in offering Milly a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com



Angel was picked up with her puppies who were just a few days old just before Christmas 2013 and they would not have survived on their own.

This young girl was, and still is, a fantastic mother! Always in the background keeping a watchful eye out, but even now she still makes sure that her daughter(s) have all they need. She defends them and has a strong bond with her daughter Pine, who she shares a kennel with.

Angel is a shepherd mix and if you if you give her your undivided attention and offer her a cuddle she’ll worship you in return!

Due to her past hard life, Angel is frightened by loud noises and loud voices.

Sirius was found running down in the middle of the road to Fuente Alamo. He was covered in ticks but was not thin and did trust humans. Sirius has no tail but is not docked, been neutered and is not house trained. He is very nice and is good with other dogs, children, loves to play and cuddle. Sirius walks well on the lead and has got a lot of energy so he would like longer walks. He likes to hunt rabbits and to dig but he will run off if the lead is taken off from him. He is very intelligent.

Type: Spanish Sheepdog (56 cm)

Weight: 22 kg

Date of birth: 15/7/2014

Rescue date: March 2015


Pine is one of Angel’s daughters and the sister of Holly and Candy. She is without doubt the softest of the sisters. She is very attached to her mummy Angel – she is a real mamma’s girl!

Pine is submissive and certainly not dominant. She is a quiet and unobtrusive dog although at times curious and an easy and docile pupil.

She is a shepherd mix, good with children and can also tolerate cats.

Pine travels well in the car and is fine on a lead.

Pine is looking for a home where she can play and go exploring. She has never had the chance to live in a home before, but we are sure that when she does she will settle in very quickly..


Sox & Kisme were Katy's puppies. Katy has now been homed and these two are looking for a home of their own too now. They are just over two years old and get on exceptionally well together.

Just look at that face - we think you will agree that Sox is a handsome boy! He is also a very loving, happy and playful dog. Good off lead and obedient too. He gets on well with other dogs, cats and people.

Type: Mixed Breed
Date of birth: 2014-04-01
Treatments: None – Sox is in good health


Shadow had been living rough on the streets in Puerto of Mazarron with his companion Silvia for many weeks. Our rescue officers tried many times to rescue them. eventually they came into our care at the beginning of May 2016.

This healthy young boy has now been neutered and is in foster care.

His foster mum says that he lives up to his name and follows her around like a shadow! This is probably the first time he has had a loving home environment. He also gets on well with the other dogs in his foster home.

This stunning dog is looking for his forever home, please contact us if you can give him one.



Purdie is our resident flirt. She gets on really well with the boys! She shares her kennel with a male dog called Abs and they love to play together. Purdie also adores people and she is very loving and affectionate. She will readily offer her tummy for tickles if there is an opportunity for a fuss! She walks well on the lead and travels well in the car. Purdies' recall will need work. She enjoys her walks off lead and if there is something really interesting she will go off to investigate . . . it would be rude not to! She will always come back, but in her own time. Purdie has manners too. She will of course apologise for keeping you waiting and be pleased to see you! Type: Spanish Mastine cross (cm) Date of birth: July 2008 Rescue date: Treatments: None

This beautiful pure breed German Shepherd, was picked up from Camposol, very thin and very thirsty, lovely friendly girl, just wants to be loved and fussed, very quiet girl. Good with other dogs and good to travel with.


Type: German Shepherd (cm)

Weight: 27 (kg)

Date of birth: 2009-08-09

Rescue date: 2013-02-01

Treatments: Taking medicine for leishmania

Chiqui was found wandering around on an urbanization by a local lady. She belonged to a hunter, but he didn't want her anymore. This lovely girl is a pointer type, approximately 6 years old and apparently has been hit by a car in the past as the vets found that she had a broken hip long ago. Luckily it healed well, is fine and doesn't cause her any problems. Chiqui is receiving treatment for a bad infection on her back left leg and an eye infection. She is also positive for leishmania, but this is not too bad and she is in a good condition.
Chiqui is a very kind dog with a lovely nature. She is patient, good to travel with and perfect on the lead. She is very clean in her kennel, but very sad when you leave her because she loves to be with you. She is also good with children.



Seren came into rescue with her pal Sky. Apparently the owners couldn’t take care of them anymore. Sky turned up a while before Seren was found, but both were dumped at the Noah’s ARC Charity Shop on Camposol.
Seren is a social dog, but has a rather nervous appearance. She gets along well with other dogs, walks well on a lead and likes to play with water! She is a pretty active girl who could use some guidance. She can sometimes be quite restless, but she also has her quiet moments.
Seren is good with children and would suit a younger and active family. She could possibly live with a dog savvy cat

Trixie is a delightful Dutch Shepherd dog. A rare breed but very popular with Spanish shepherds. After she was rescued she was placed in the refuge with other dogs. Because of her playfulness and boisterous nature she was disliked by other older dogs to the extent she was attacked. She went into foster care in January 2013 and the fosterers feel she would be best suited to a home with either no other dogs or with a male dog as a companion.

Trixie loves being around humans and children. She is very affectionate, obedient and recalls to command without hesitation. She is very playful, loves ball games and cuddles and will make someone a very good and loving companion.


Onyx is a German Shorthaired mix and this black beauty breaks the record as the longest serving shelter resident! Not a nice trophy for our unlucky girl. She is a lovely lady who has watched her kennel mates leave, but has not had the chance of a nice home herself.
She is friendly and has a good character, but despite this still prefers large male dogs to females. Cats and very small dogs are really not her thing either.
As for people ... she loves them so much! She cannot get enough cuddles and will tell you again and again how much she loves you.
Onyx is a powerful dog who is used to walking on a lead, but could use some further training.
Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with leishmania, but it is under control and she shows no signs of the disease. Otherwise she is in good health

Mutley was Shylo’s sibling – she has a beautiful rich sable coat and lovely markings.

She loves to play, is obedient off lead and even comes to call! Her favourite game is that she just loves to play with a ball and brings it back to you for more!

Mutley is good with other dogs and she travels well in the car too!

Type: German Shepherd cross (cm)
Date of birth: April 2012
Treatments: None – Mutley is in good health

Maya was spotted hanging around the garbage bags in a local village; she hung around there for a few weeks. There was a restaurant next to her and people chased her away again and again as she begged for food. Also located beside a main road, we were concerned that Maya would not have lasted long before she would be hit by a car or truck
So Maya came to the shelter and into our care. 
Maya has adapted well, is loyal and will not run away if you leave the door open accidentally.She is used to living in a pack of dogs and is housetrained. A good guardian and very alert.You cannot and will not go unnoticed when you come home.
 She loves food and her biscuits, is good on the lead, but does not need long walks as she is easily satisfied. Maya is Ok with children, but is not suitable for a home with cats

Sandy is a happy guy, is great with all the other dogs but would love a quiet home with not so many other dogs as he does like all the fuss and attention, he will just lay by your feet all day. If he has a garden to bumble around in he will be happy. He has short legs, lovely friendly gentle chap. Loves his tummy tickled and loves company. He is good to travel with and good with children and is good with cats.

Type: Mixed Breed (cm) Height: 35 (cm) Weight: 15 (kg)

Date of birth: 2007 Rescue date: 2011-09-01

Treatments: Taking medicine for leishmania  

Rocco was found in a terrible state - starving and neglected - in a hamlet on a very hot day, trying to get into a finca garden to get some water.
He was taken to the vets and tested for Mediterranean diseases and was thankfully negative.
Rocco listens very well to English commands and is good with other dogs. He is still a little food protective which is likely due to the fact that he was left behind to die, without food or water. We believe this behaviour will dimish with time and trust.

Rocco does not like cats and will chase them. Otherwise he is a very calm dog, undemanding and seems used to a family life.

Rocco is neutered and micro chipped.


Bruno clipped for the



Bruno is our big lovable baby! Well not so much a baby anymore as he is a big boy! He has very beautiful markings and a thick shaggy coat.

Bruno is wonderful with people, very loving and obedient. He shares his kennel with another male dog, Reyes, and they just love to play together. Bruno would be best homed to someone who has owned a large breed dog as he is a strong boy and can be strong on the lead. He may benefit from a harness or canny collar to help with this.
Type: Spanish Mastine
Date of birth: September 2010
Treatments: None – in good health

Reyes is an attractive boy with the golden Shepherd mix colouring and a dark muzzle. Reyes means ‘King’ or ‘Royal’ in Spanish and he definitely has the look of a special dog.

He walks well on the lead and is a very loving and friendly boy. His aim is only to please and he will impress you with his obedience – he knows the ropes well and is easily managed. Reyes is happily sharing his kennel with his buddy Bruno.

Type: German Shepherd cross
Date of birth: November 2010
Treatments: None – Reyes is in good health


Abs has been in rescue for some time and despite his good looks is being seriously overlooked. Surprisingly really as Abs is our country gent! He will willingly ‘pass’ on that suburban and city life as his dream is a pad in the country!

He would really lap up and do justice to those off lead country walks and in return he promises not to run off! He walks well on the lead too. Abs prefers to travel on four paws rather than in four wheels.
Abs is real mix of a boy – a complete crossbreed. He is also a shy boy and timid in nature until he gets to know you. He shares his kennel with the lovely Purdy and they cohabitate nicely together.

If you think you could give Abs his lucky break and a place in a country home please get in touch



Shylo is indeed a shy boy with strangers but he is a loving and obedient boy with a playful side. He loves to run around the field playing with his siblings and doggie friends. He is good with other dogs and travels well in the car.

Type: Labrador cross

Date of birth: April 2012

Treatments: None – Shylo has leishmania, under control with medication

Barney is a lovely boy and a very happy chap. He is good with people, loves human touch and pines for attention! He always wags his tail when he see's you.
He is a very handsome dog with a beautiful rich chocolate coat and unusual amber eyes. He is a good hearted dog and has won the hearts of many of our volunteers. Everyone says he's a star and he has quite a fan club!
Barney had been quite poorly and has had a tough time. He has been in rehab for quite a few months and part of his recovery has been physio and exercises to do. He has made great progress. Thanks to the wonderful care given to him by his fosterer he is just like any other dog....running and playing happily...fit as a flea with his mojo back!


To see a video of Barney

Click Here



Beau was found stray and in a terrible state on Camposol A Sector.

He recovered well and we must say that, despite whatever was in his past, Beau has proved to be a gentle and very calm dog who just loves to be in human company.
Perhaps because of his past life Beau does not like to be dominated or be given 'strong' commands from men during his walks.
He would also prefer to live as an only dog in a quiet environment and is looking for a gentle and loving home to match his own personality. Beau loves to be cuddled, enjoys his walks and is very clean in his kennel.

Beau is vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered.


Blanca is mix (Bull Terrier x) girl, affectionate towards humans, but also very independant. She is active, fun, pretty, cute and very clever!

She was already in boarding kennels for a few years before she was moved to our kennels and her forever home is well and truly long overdue!

She is lively and playful and is very fond of balls and ball games. She will never tire of having the ball thrown for her so be prepared to entertain her! Her ball is her most treasured and favourite thing and she loves to run.

She is used to walking on the lead, but can pull a little so this may need to be worked on. Blanca will also need a home who can give her plenty of walks and outdoor exercise. She greets dogs outside well but we feel she would be better suited to a home without other dogs and a home without young children as she is excitable. She also travels well in the car.

A secure home would be ideal as Blanca can be an escape artist!

Type: Bull Terrier Cross - 30 cm Date of birth: 10/05/2007 Rescue Date: 2014 Treatments: None - Blanca is in good health

Dear Cleo is one of our older ladies, born Jan 2007 (ish!).

She is a lab cross ( as all the best ones are!).

Cleo has been with us a long time and would love a home of her own to see out her final years



She has Leishmania but this is controlled by tablets  ( 3 euros per month).


Cleo is easy going, good with other dogs and cat tested ok.

An all round good girl.


Kisme was found with her siblings and their mum Katy (who has happily just found a loving home April 2016) in an abandoned farmhouse by 2 of our kind volunteers.

Unfortunately she is still with us but we cannot understand why as she loves to please, is loving and would be your forever friend.

DOB April 2014, is in good health, spayed and up to date with vaccinations and passport.



Fonzie is truly a dear little soul. He was rescued by a local Spanish man and has been in a multi-dog foster home ever since. He is a Jack Russell type in size and around 2 years old. He is still a very nervous little chap and shy with strangers and things he doesn’t know. Once he has learnt to trust you he will get on your lap and enjoy a fuss, but it has to be his decision and he doesn’t like being picked up. Fonzie doesn’t like going for walks or travelling in the car either – they are not his thing. He does knows exactly what kind of home he is looking for ... He’d like a home where he can just potter about and a garden to mooch in. He’d also like a comfy chair to relax in and watch the world go by plus a bed to sleep on. He doesn’t mind if there are other dogs about – he isn’t fussed either way, but finds pesky puppies annoying if they are in your face, but then who doesn’t! So our Fonzie is looking for the simple things in life ... yes, that would be just perfect!


Meet Chico!

Chico walks well on the lead and is totally house trained. He has mastered all basic training and is ready to go. He needs a good home with lots of love because he is an amazing dog. Two words sum Chico up ... he is Fun with a capital ‘F’ and kind.
He was born on the 30th May, 2014 and all his vaccinations (including rabies) are up-to-date. He is also micro-chipped and has been neutered.
Type: Mixed Breed
Date of birth: 30/05/2014
Rescue date: 10/11/2014



Mo has just come back to us. He was  happily homed by us and through no fault of his own finds himself looking for a new home once again. The previous owners have had to return to UK and have nowhere for him to go. So they asked us to take him and Charlie (who has now been rehomed) back and we were lucky and so were they as they have gone back to their original fosterer!
Mo is a big strong boy but has had some training and is pretty good on a lead, more training and he will be a great companion.

.He is a year and half old now, fully vaccinated, chipped passported and he will be neutered next week.



Jacob was found by a couple who were out walking their two little dogs. He was hiding behind their car. They took their dogs home and went back out to see him. He was very friendly and they offered him some water and treats.

When a car went past it looked as if he was looking to see if someone was coming back for him. Apparently their neighbours heard a car door being opened and closed very quietly at around 6 a.m. He was taken to the vets, but he was not micro-chipped.

Jacob is loving and gentle in nature. He walks beautifully on the lead too. He is the most adorable dog and would make someone a wonderful companion.

Treatments: – in good health.

If you are interested in offering Jacob a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com


Nadia was found abandoned in a shepherd’s shed without food and water. She has had very little interaction with people and only knew her life with the sheep. Everything in the rescue world was new and scary to her. She has a beautiful thick apricot coat and dark muzzle (clipped for the summer weather). She is still learning to trust and would need a patient and caring home who will give her the space and time for her to come out of her shell and settle. The reward to that home would be to see her personality unfold and shine given time. Nadia’s dream home would be somewhere with a large garden and at least one other dog to play with and keep her company. Nadia is currently living in boarding kennels while she waits patiently for that special home to spot her.

Type: Spanish Sheep herding
Date of birth: July 2006
Treatments: None – Nadia is in good health

If you are interested in offering Nadia a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com



Bud by name and Buddy by nature! Bud has all the loveable traits of a Staffie type cross and he is very affectionate by nature. He is keen to be his new owners best friend! He is a lively boy who is looking for a dog experienced and active home with time to give him the mental and physical stimulation he would relish. He walks well on the lead and travels well in the car.


When Bud arrived in rescue he was given a thorough vet check and he tested positive to leishmania. This means that he will need to take tablets daily which are inexpensive, but will ensure he stays healthy.


Type: Staffie Cross (cm)

Date of birth: 2012

Rescue date:

Treatments: Taking medicine for leishmania


This is Silvia.

She had been living on the streets with her companion Shadow. Our rescue officers went to look for them on many occasions but the duo proved too wary to be caught or not in their regular haunts. Then they disappeared. We continued to look for them and heard they were in a perrera a good distance away.

Silvia had a ruptured spleen and sadly lost the 11 puppies she was carrying.

We arranged for the two to be taken into our care and can now say that they are doing very well in their foster homes.

She is a lovely gentle girl who has been through so much and deserves a loving home.


Dibble is about 3 ½ to 4 years old and was named because of his spots. He was found in February as a stray on Camposol. A friendly boy who was in need of some TLC. He was taken to the vets and of course was not micro-chipped.

He is currently in boarding kennels while he waits for his forever home. Dibble is now fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

If you are interested in offering Dibble a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com

Please note that any potential home will be subject to home check


Franko the brother of  Fletcher, Milly and Missy .

Type: Rough coat mixed breed
Height: 50 (cm)
Date of birth: 24/06/2013
Rescue date: 01/10/2013
Treatments: None

If you are interested in offering Fletcher a forever home please email for further details: info@noahsarcmurcia.com

Please note that any potential home will be subject to home check.


Renee is a fantastic border collie cross. She was born in the shelter after her mum, Tinks,became pregnant. She is the last one left at the shelter - her brothers, sisters and her mom all found their homes long ago.

She is a very sweet girl with a gentle disposition. Sometimes mischievous, but it’s hard to be cross with her even after her umpteenth mischief!

She is not dominant in any way. She is a free soul but is well controlled when out on walks and off lead.

After being attacked by another dog, Renee came into the finca at the shelter, and found her place in the house with the other dogs.

This bubbly personality has been waiting a long time for a loving home and no-one understands why she has not been adopted.

Renee is housetrained, quiet in the house, loving, good in the car, playful and likes to walk. In fact Renee has it all!

Now she just needs to find someone who will be prepared to give this sweetie a place in their heart.

Other Dogs

The following dogs are not Noahs Arc dogs but they need a home too.


Mitch was born Feb 2015. Male Belgian shepherd cross, approx 20kgs, fully vaccinated and neutered. He Has been in foster care with the same family since he was 6wks old and is  quite a timid boy, lives in the home and is house trained.
Loves his walks in the campo and good on the lead. He lives in a home with several other dogs and one bitch, he loves to play with the others especially the bitch,  but would benefit from more one on one attention and a little training which would make him a lovely companion for any family.
Please contact 634325840 for more info


Timber was born February 2015, female mastin cross, fully vaccinated and neutered. Been with the same foster family as Mitch since 2 months old. Used to sleeping outdoors or in the conservatory at night, but does come in the house during the day. Very wary of new people and shy at first as she has always lived in the campo, so not used to seeing many people. A lovely girl and good guard dog! Loves to play with Mitch and the others but hopeless on a lead still, but loves her freedom running in the hills when we go for a walk.
Would not suit a home on an urbanization.

Contact Lin on 634325840


Tammy,sister to Timber.

A good boundary fence or wall needed to keep her from roaming.
Alsatian mastin cross, born February 2015, vaccinated and neutered. Lovely girl, again used to quiet life as always lived in the campo, so quite timid with new people and not good on a lead. Used to living outside and would benefit from a home with some land and another dog or two for company

Contact Lin on 634325840